# Notesnook roadmap

We are constantly working on Notesnook to make it the best private notes app.

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# Q2 2021 - Released

We are really exciting about what is coming to Notesnook by the end of Q2 2021.

  • Desktop apps for macOS, Windows & Linux.
  • Importing Notes from files such as markdown, html, txt, docx and other note apps such as Evernote & Google Keep.
  • Improve note tagging system: Edit tag and add/remove multiple notes in a tag
  • Note Publishing on a public url that is viewable by anyone with a shareable link. The note can be encrypted if required before publishing so only people with the password can view it.
  • Extend sorting same as in notes to all collections such as Favorties, Tags, Notebooks, Topics etc.
  • Unified promo code system on all platforms
  • Publish blog

# Q3 2021

  • Encrypted file attachements and data compression
  • Stylus & Drawing Support to take notes by drawing on the screen. We will be adding a dedicated editor where you can draw and take notes.
  • Widgets on Android & iOS - Initially we are working on adding a Quick Note widget to add notes without opening app. [WIP]
  • Reminders
  • Global Discord-like search with advanced filtering
  • Complete app documentation

# Q4 2021

  • Tabs & multi windows on desktop/web. [WIP]
  • Links: A dedicated links screen where user can list all links and import browser bookmarks
  • Two-Factor-Authentication via Auth app & SMS. [WIP]
  • Websocket sync [WIP]
  • Multiple vaults and notebook locking
  • Sync control Turn syncing on/off for individual items
  • Note interlinking: Link notes, notebooks, topics, tags directly inside a note. [WIP]
  • New editor toolbar on desktop
  • Theme directory that allows users to create and publish their own themes.