# Import notes from any notes app

Notesnook importer is your one stop location to import all your notes from any notes app. We have added support for most of the popular note apps and common export formats such as markdown, html and text files.

Notesnook importer

# Try it out

You can try out the importer by going to https://importer.notesnook.com to import your notes from any notes app.

# Supported note apps and formats

  1. Plain text files
  2. HTML files
  3. Markdown (.md) files
  4. OneNote
  5. EverNote
  6. Standard Notes
  7. Simplenote
  8. Google Keep
  9. Bear notes app
  10. Joplin notes app

Don't see your notes app? No worries, create an issue on github

# Is it safe to import?

Not a single byte of your data from other apps is sent to our servers. Everything is processed 100% on the client side inside this browser.